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#10 eCOA COMMITMENT: What about using an eICF in your trial with Kayentis?

Because Kayentis has the MOST INTEGRATED solution with SecureConsent® eICF, 


We have the most integrated solution – SecureConsent® eICF:

  • One single tablet for both solutions.
  • The choice of the Android operating system makes it very robust and easy to maintain, and upgrades are controlled.
  • Kayentis tablets have worldwide 3G capacity based on an alliance with SFR/Vodafone; this ensures the SecureConsent online solution operates reliably regardless of Wifi availability.
  • Logistics is shared and managed by Kayentis.
  • Tier 1 support is managed by Kayentis.



  • SecureConsent® training will be performed by Kayentis;
  • Deeper integration – SecureConsent key information will be available in Clin’Form, allowing DM activities to be performed by the Kayentis team (eg reconciliation of the subject number with the randomization tool);
  • Single sign-on for the sites;
  • Joint archiving procedures.


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To know more about our partnership with SecureConsent®.

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Last update : 4 December 2016


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