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#12 eCOA COMMITMENT: Kayentis is a real eCOA partner!

Because it’s always more interesting to work with a strong eCOA partner, Kayentis enjoys a Net Promoter Score of 93% from its customers

eCOA partner

We enjoy a Net Promoter Score of 93% from our customers:

  • We have an expert team & proactive study management.
  • Customers consider us to be the most flexible eCOA company.
  • We quickly resolve any challenge that may impact study performance, site, patient satisfaction, and DB lock.
  • We have a quick turnaround of data.
  • We have clear scalability and easy access to management.
  • We have a focus and commitment to on-time & on-budget delivery.
  • Our end users (ie sites) are very satisfied and consider our solution superior to other providers.

“What I like with Kayentis is the proactiveness of teams and their willingness to go the extra mile”. Project Manager, Top 3 Pharma.

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Last update : 11 December 2016

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