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ePRO & eDiary – Advantages of using a single device at home and on-site

12 February 2018

Here is an infography developing some benefits of combining ePRO and eDiary use as well as some advantages of the use of a Tablet or Phablet vs a Smart Phone for data collection. Our expertise proves that there are many benefits to use a single device at home and on-site for clinical trials.

These advantages are divided into three categories:

  • Key benefits for patients
  • Main advantages for sites
  • Added value for sponsors.




Single device

Key benefits for patients

  • Ease of use

It is simpler and easier to use one device than two devices, since the same device is used in the same way both at home and on-site.

  • Comfort and ergonomy to fill ePRO or eDiaries

The larger screen offered by Tablet or Phablet devices compared to SmartPhones is associated with better accuracy and compliance among most patient populations.
The larger screen improves readability and global layout and a generous screen size is particularly helpful in the completion of Visual Analog Scales or the use of images.
  • A single device in all situations

A further advantage of using the same Tablet or Phablet device for both home use and during study visits is to harmonize and simplify the training of patients.
There is also the option to use the same device on-site if the patient forgets to bring his/her own device.
  • Better compliance, involvement and engagement.

A comfortable, more intuitive and easy to use device is key to increasing data quality while ensuring patient compliance in the completion of the questionnaire, and also helps the patient to remain actively involved
and engaged with the trial.

The advantages of using a single device are numerous and provide huge benefits for combined ePRO and eDiary clinical trials, leading to better productivity and overall time savings while at the same time making life easier for the patient, and improving data quality, patient and site engagement, and trial compliance.

If you are interested about the topic of combined ePRO and eDiary, click here to read our article.

Guillaume JUGE, CEO – Kayentis


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