• eCOA study: Paper back-up and data reliability
    22 October 2018

    eCOA study: the impact of a paper back-up… | Read More

  • Single device infography
    ePRO & eDiary – Advantages of using a single device at home and on-site
    12 February 2018

    Here is an infography developing some benefits of… | Read More

  • portable devices for data collection
    The use of portable devices for data collection at home in clinical trials
    22 January 2018

    Electronic data capture of patient data is increasingly… | Read More

  • aligning objectives ecoa vendor
    The benefits & practicalities of aligning the objectives of an eCOA vendor with those of the study
    16 October 2017

    Any enduring business relationship between a service provider… | Read More

  • What can eDiary bring to your study?
    11 July 2017

    During a clinical trial, in particular for late… | Read More

  • ePRO eDiary single device
    Combined ePRO and eDiary: what about using a single device?
    1 July 2017

    Why customers and users choose the Kayentis “Phablet”… | Read More

  • Actigraphy devices: a real impact on clinical research?
    3 May 2017

    Actigraphy has been used in clinical trials for… | Read More

  • ePRO review
    Advantages of direct review of patient-recorded data by clinicians
    6 April 2017

    In ePRO clinical trials, patients may use tablets… | Read More

  • Infography: planning an oncology study with eCOA/ePRO
    21 February 2017

    The FDA has provided guidance on methodology to… | Read More

  • Improve your Risk-based Monitoring with eCOA solutions!
    14 February 2017

    High-frequency on-site monitoring with 100% source data verification… | Read More


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