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Kayentis ‘Clinical Trials of the Future’: What about Pepper at site?

29 June 2017

Kayentis is leading a ‘Clinical Trials of the Future’ program to improve the quality of clinical trials, taking into account features and capabilities that will become possible with new technologies. This program offers industry the opportunity to share, participate, and pilot innovative resources. This article deals with the opportunity to use Pepper at site.

Pepper at site clinical trials


In an earlier article we outlined some global challenges on how to improve quality, safety, and efficiency for clinical trials in the future, and presented some functionalities that Pepper may bring to outpatient trials see (read our ‘Pepper at home’ article).

Let’s focus on the advantages Pepper could bring during on-site visit:

  • Pepper will be able to accompany the subject during his/her visit
  • Pepper will be able to scan the drug barcode
  • Pepper will be able to provide the patients’ data entry to the investigator
  • Pepper will allow data entry via its tablet interface and/or voice recording
  • Pepper will be able to display/explain the eICF to the patient in a very interactive way
  • Pepper will provide a gateway for medical devices and provide tutorials on their use
  • Pepper will provide encouragement to the patient
  • Pepper will be able to stay with the patient during site visits and entertain him/her about what he/she may bring, for example, to pediatric studies (gamification)


Do you have any thoughts that you’d like to share regarding these functionalities or any others that Pepper at site could bring to outpatient trials? Feel free to interact with us via Linkedin or our Website!!

Guillaume JUGE, CEO – Kayentis


NOTE: Pepper is a robot designed and manufactured by SoftBank Robotics to provide assistance in daily activities.


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