Clinical Trials of the Future

Kayentis is committed to the clinical trials of the future. Our goal is to accelerate innovation in clinical trials, to identify the current limits of clinical trials and address the issues of tomorrow’s clinical trials, such as improving patient recruitment and retention, increasing patient engagement, ensuring treatment compliance and adding value for patients at home.


Pepper, made by SoftBank Robotics, will be evaluated by Kayentis in the first research program of the potential use of robots in clinical trials at home.

Pepper will:

  • Facilitate classical data entry via a tablet interface or data entry via voice recording
  • Remind the patient to fill in his/her diary, attend upcoming visits, and take the appropriate treatment
  • Provide a gateway for medical devices and provide tutorials on how to use them
  • Be able to ensure that the treatment is taken correctly
  • Be connected to local hospital services and emergency assistance resources if necessary
  • Be able to provide a telemedicine service
  • Provide encouragement to the patient

And much more that remains to be defined ….

Are you in?

We are asking our key customers to be part of this program. You could:

• Share in this exciting step towards the future of clinical trials

• Participate in the development of this innovative resource

• Be pioneers in piloting Pepper in clinical trials