Kayentis releases its 2016 customer satisfaction survey

Kayentis proud to publish the results of its customer satisfaction survey

Conducted among more than 60 Kayentis clients, this investigation reveals that 90% of surveyed customers expressed a high level of satisfaction in Kayentis (‘extremely’ or ‘quite satisfied’). So Kayentis enjoys a Net Promoter Score of 93% from our customers.

Moreover, compared to other vendors, Kayentis is considered as best-in-class or superior in many cases: proactivity/reactivity, value for money, products & services

I appreciate the support from Kayentis’ Data Management team. Most of the time, the data-related PROs are cleaned well ahead of time‘ says a Top 3 Pharma Data Manager.

Thanks to all participants for trusting Kayentis!


最終更新日 : 28 November 2016