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What about using a tablet at home?

A tablet is usually used on site and a smartphone preferred at home. But is this really the gold standard? Shouldn’t we consider using a tablet at home?

Why should a tablet be considered for home use?

It is important to consider the most appropriate eCOA device to use depending on the situation. As well as the device itself, factors such as screen size and the best ergonomic fit should also be considered. Furthermore, it is important that the software in the device is user-friendly and applicable to home use.

For example, a generous screen size is needed to facilitate the completion of Visual Analog Scales in some questionnaires used in clinical studies that require patient completion of ClinRO (Clinician-Reported Outcomes), PRO (Patient-Reported Outcomes) and an eDiary.

Patient comfort and ease of use are also important – especially in certain pathologies – and both are improved by using a large device with more legible font sizes, larger buttons, etc.


Is it necessary to provide one tablet for the site and another for home use?

Kayentis’ tablet has both supervised and unsupervised modes, and as such the same tablet can be used both on-site and at home.

  • When used on-site, the investigator initiates the visit, completes ClinRo, and invites the patient to complete the PRO.
  • At the end of visit, the investigator returns the tablet to the patient. The tablet can then be used by the patient in the unsupervised mode so that the eDiary can be completed between visits.

Patient-engagement is also improved by the use of a single device, since the same device is used in the same way both at home and on-site.

Tablet at home is easy to use for unsupervised patients and ensures excellent eDiary performance. Don’t forget to consider this option when carrying out a study either exclusively at home, or for studies conducted both on-site AND at home. 

For more details of the potential of Kayentis eCOA devices, please click here.

Arnaud Michelet, R&D Deputy Director, Head of connected devices – Kayentis


Last update : 6 December 2016


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