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We spoke at DMB on “The shift to ePRO collection at home: Strategies to preserve data quality and re-think compliance”

Date: November 22
Time: 11:15AM CET
Location: Paris, France
Presentation in French

Learning objectives:
    Evolution in data management practices
    Optimization of technological controls use
    ePRO compliance metrics & responsibility of compliance between the site, patient, and technology in the new DCT model


Decentralized clinical trials seek to offer more flexibility to patients by allowing them to complete some clinical trial assessments from their own home. Technical innovations have given patients the ability to complete PROs from their own phone, computer, or via phone interview with trained site staff personnel when needed, but how can we preserve data quality and meet compliance requirements with the high variability of data collection methods? How to face the increasing quantities of data collected and the rising complexity of regulatory standards?


Estelle Haenel
Medical Director @Kayentis

Aline Mistri
Clinical Data Manager @Kayentis

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Last update : 9 November 2022

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