Global provider of eCOA solutions

Supporting sponsors, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and CROs, we aim to improve clinical trials with intuitive and innovative electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) solutions, for better data quality and trial efficiency.

Global solutions for supervised
and unsupervised eCOA

We offer a wide range of eCOA solutions to fit each study and therapeutic area. Our devices are designed to improve clinical trial compliance and reduce data capture errors with intuitive, efficient and user-friendly eCOA solutions for patients. With safe and real-time data capture, patients and sponsors fully benefit from the advantages of electronic solutions, adapted to both supervised and unsupervised clinical studies.

Committed to improve
the quality of clinical studies

Over 10 years of global eCOA experience has allowed us to build powerful tools and services that help sponsors to collect complete, accurate and reliable data. Two of our main areas of expertise are related to:

• Improving patient engagement
Patient engagement is key to increasing both the quantity and quality of clinical trials data while ensuring compliance regarding taking the clinical trial drug(s), filling diaries, and remaining actively involved in the trial.
This increase in quality generates overall savings in the budget for the trial while at the same time increasing relevant data collection.

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• Allowing risk-based monitoring
We provide automated and ad hoc Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that enable risk-based monitoring. These include signals based on our global experience of work with clinical trial sites, with information coming from our Webportal, our project managers (PMs), our data management (DM) activity and our support team. These KPIs give our customers and partner CROs a clear view of what may go right or wrong on-site, and allow appropriate corrective actions to be put in place immediately if necessary.
This approach generates better overall data quality and allows for targeted and very efficient monitoring.

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      // Corporate Social Responsibility policy // At Kayentis, we recognize that we all play a part in reducing our negative impact on the environment. Download our waste management report and discover our key actions: #CSR #eCOA #wastemanagement

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      // OCT Southeast // At OCT Durham next week? Stop by booth #1 and meet our eCOA experts #eCOA #Durham #clinicaltrials

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      // Welcome Estelle Haenel, PharmD, PhD // Kayentis extends its scientific team and welcomes Estelle Haenel as Medical Director. Estelle has more than 20 years' experience in pre-clinical and clinical research in Top 5 pharma and Biotech companies #MedicalDirector #eCOA #clinicalresearch

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      // Risk assessment in an eCOA back-up solution // While the unavailability of a device is problematic, the consequences do vary. Planning for back-up options requires a consideration of the complete system, including risk assessment. Compare the different back-up solutions! #eCOA #backup #dataquality #clinicaltrials #whitepaper