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Embark on a seamless

eCOA clinical trial

Since 2005, Kayentis has been a trusted partner for pharma, biotechs, and CROs, capturing meaningful patient input. Our user-friendly eCOA technology and top-quality services not only ensure high-quality datasets and improve the experiences of patients and sites, but also streamline our clients’ journey.

Collect and monitor patient data anytime, anywhere

A comprehensive and expert eCOA solution that adapts perfectly to the requirements of each protocol, population, and questionnaire:

Improve the study journey
for patients and sites

We work in close collaboration with patient advocates and site associations to ensure that our solution engages patients and sites throughout the study:

your clinical trials dataflow

A best-in-class eCOA solution, without compromising your global clinical data: integrate your clinical systems with the Kayentis eCOA solution.

Strategic and operational excellence from start to finish

Kayentis sets the bar with excellence as our standard. Over the last three years, our recommendation rate has consistently exceeded 90%.

Early strategic engagement

Strong data management support

Proactive project management

Worldwide logistics
& 24/7 helpdesk support

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Choose a sustainable company

At Kayentis, we aim to be a sustainable company in a sustainable world,
committed to improving human health.

We care
about the planet

We foster
well-being at work

We respect people
and encourage diversity

We value
our community