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Explore our dedication to achieving excellence in clinical trials

Through the quality of the solutions, services, and databases that we provide to biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies and CROs, we contribute to the reliability of clinical research and help to improve human health.

Our mission is to enhance the clinical trial experience

At Kayentis, our mission is to enhance the clinical trial experience by making it more intuitive, efficient, and participant-friendly.

We believe that the heart of clinical research lies in the seamless integration of technology and human-centric design. Our efforts are focused on simplifying the trial process, reducing complexities, and removing barriers that participants and researchers face.

By doing so, we aim to accelerate the pace of research and development, bringing innovative treatments to the market faster.

Our commitment to this mission is unwavering, as we continuously seek to implement solutions that improve the overall trial journey for everyone involved.

We are committed to meaningful patient data

Our engagement at Kayentis extends to the very core of clinical research – meaningful patient data. We are steadfast in our commitment to gather data that is quantitative and qualitative, delivering substantial and deep insights. We delve into the nuances of patient experiences, capturing data that reflects the true impact of medical interventions on their lives.

This commitment ensures that the data we collect is a genuine representation of patient outcomes, leading to insights that can transform the landscape of healthcare.

Our dedication to meaningful patient data is a testament to our belief that every patient’s voice should be heard and valued in the quest for medical advancements.

We have a broad experience in a wide
range of study types

Since 2005

eCOA expert


Clinical trials phase I-IV


indications across 20+ therapeutic areas

From 15

patients in an early phase trial

to +10,000

patients in a late-phase study


of countries covered,
from local to global studies

Up to 10 years

Studies lasting