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Enhance your eCOA
experience with our expert solution

Accommodate both on-site and at-home studies, irrespective of their complexity

Our best-in-class eCOA solution is designed to support intricate trial designs and can be customized according to the specific needs of your population. It ensures precise measurement of primary and secondary endpoints, providing a tailored, straightforward solution.

Top-tier eCOA solution ensuring a seamless experience for both patients and sites

Clin’form, the Kayentis eCOA solution, was originally developed for electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments and is based on innovative, user-friendly, and scalable technology:

  • Ability to build complex designsIncorporate multiple triggers, ePRO / eClinRO / eObsRO / eDiary within the same protocol, complex score calculations
  • Efficient set upDesigned to meet your Go-Live requirements
  • Realtime study monitoring for sponsorsEfficient dashboards and analytics with real-time data transfer
  • Engaging for patientsA user-friendly App with multiple engagement features
  • Easy-to-use for sitesSimplified monitoring and query management throughout the study
  • Connected to external systemsCompatibility with IRT systems, external patient portals, wearables

Streamline your setup process

Secure the best-fit data collection mode for your study’s questionnaires: PRO, ClinRO, ObsRO, Diary

Tailor your eCOA questionnaires

Ensure patient compliance throughout the study with a user-friendly solution

Monitor your data in real-time with the Clin’form WebPortal

Integrate all cleaned eCOA data
into your clinical data base

Get an overview of all your study data in one place, thanks to our interoperability with external systems and data lakes