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Plan for the unplanned with Kayentis televisit

Enjoy an efficient audit trail televisit feature embedded directly into our eCOA app, and bring multiple benefits for your patients and sites

Kayentis televisit ensures that the study can continue even if patients are unable to visit the study site

The televisit feature maintains direct contact between sites and patients from any location. It is easily accessible from the eCOA App on the same device, using the same credentials as for their eCOA questionnaires.

Televisit is particularly useful when:

  • Easy to set upNo impact on the set-up timelines
  • Flexible solution for the sponsorCan be activated at any time of the study
  • Easy to use for patientsA single app for both data collection and televisits with single sign on
  • Easy to use for sitesOne click, at any time, even outside of the visit schedule
  • Audit trail of televisitsDate, duration, patient & site identification
  • ConfidentialityContent of the televisit remains confidential with no recording

Reduce the study site burden

Support patient engagement

The use of telemedicine and digital health tools in clinical trials is going to be about providing options and then – in that way – increasing access to clinical trials for a greater variety of different patients.

Trishna Bharadia,
Health Advocate & Patient Engagement Advisor

Ensure highly controlled and secure use

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