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Top-quality service throughout
your clinical trial journey

Leveraging 20 years of eCOA expertise and supported by our knowledgeable, dedicated teams, we ensure reliable services at every phase of your clinical trial

An expert team by your side at every stage of your clinical trials

With our expert teams by your side, you can navigate the intricacies of clinical trials with confidence, ensuring high standards of quality and efficiency every step of the way.

At Kayentis, we understand the complexities and challenges of clinical trials. That’s why we ensure that an expert team is available to support you from the planning phase through to the execution and final analysis.

Our specialists come from diverse backgrounds in biostatistics, clinical operations, and regulatory compliance, offering a multidisciplinary approach to streamline processes and mitigate risks.

  • EfficiencyEngaging early in your clinical trial, we support you with highly accommodating and qualified resources to optimize timeline and efficiency from project set up to database lock.
  • CommitmentOur dedicated teams of experts are fully dedicated to supporting your clinical endeavors and go the extra mile to ensure your clinical trial success.
  • FlexibilityAs a mid-size eCOA expert, we are able to respond to changes, make decisions and implement changes swiftly.


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*Kayentis’ annual client survey results from the past three years

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