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Engage patients and clinical sites throughout the clinical study

Enhance participant retention and ensure compliance with our patient and site engagement modules, seamlessly integrated into our eCOA App

Provide clinical trial participants with accessible information, anytime, anywhere, via the Kayentis Media Player

Deliver targeted resources tailored to the participants’ site and language within the eCOA App, such as user guides, videos on clinical trial objectives, and therapeutic area information.

Smoothly train patients,
caregivers and site staff with our customized training material

Provide clinical trial participants and site staff with tailored training materials for a seamless study initiation

Easily collect feedback from study participants regarding their trial experience with our Participant Feedback Questionnaire

Obtain insights into the patient experience during the study, such as information received, quality of the services, and logistical burden

  • Easy to set upNo impact on the set-up timelines
  • Engaging for patients and sitesImprove patient compliance and site journey
  • Flexible modulesActivate the modules that make sense for your study

Learn more about our patient engagement modules

Clin’form App is the Kayentis BYOD solution, available for patients and caregivers to facilitate decentralized and hybrid trials, and

Patients taking part in clinical trials need clear and simple information – this is what 70% of 1,133 survey

The Participant Feedback Questionnaire (PFQ) is one way to engage patients by asking them about their experience of participating