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Big Pharma Case Study

Kayentis has more than eighteen years of success stories with Big Pharma, and has been helping Big Pharma mitigate clinical trial challenges.

“Kayentis is the best vendor we have worked with. The team is interested in the success of the study, and every team member at Kayentis is experienced in their job and able to execute their work.” said a Top 5 pharma clinical team member.


eCOA assessment & decentralized clinical trials

  • Site-based and/or at-home completed ePRO
  • Implementation of patient eDiaries, design of protocol-specific eDiaries
  • Combination of ePRO/eDiaries/eClinROs/eObsROs
  • Management of complex studies, e.g., pediatric studies with multiple age ranges and combination of ePRO/eObsRO
  • Provisioned Devices & BYOD strategies
  • Televisits

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Last update : 23 December 2022

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