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Decentralized Clinical Trials
Essential tips to avoid common pitfalls

Despite the numerous advantages of Decentralized Clinical Trials, reducing on-site visit means that data endpoints need to be captured via other means.
Data must not be lost when patients do not come to site for several weeks, data quality must be guaranteed throughout the project, and data must be protected even when patients use their own mobile.
How can the common pitfalls that come with DCTs be avoided?


#1 Avoiding data loss when patients visit frequency is reduced

    Offer Flexibility
    Think Simplicity

#2 Tackling technology adoption risks

    Understand that needs of the technology usersdepend on wide range of criteria
    Work with patients to adjust to their needs
    Develop long-term relationships
    Help study patients understand the study flow
    Train, train, and train!

#3 Securing data quality when collecting data from multiple sources

#4 Ensuring data protection



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Last update : 18 October 2022

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