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Digitalization Trends in Tackling the Complexity of Clinical Trials for Patients with Multiple Health Conditions

Patients participating in clinical research face a whole range of challenges, and it is particularly worse for those living with multiple chronic conditions.

Digitalization has been progressively facilitating increased access to and alleviating patient burden in clinical trials. But to what extent are patients ready for hybrid and remote trials and what are the remaining issues facing patients in adopting digitalization? A qualitative study conducted on 1,133 patients with chronic conditions across the US and EU between November 2020 and January 2021 reveals strong satisfaction among patients to adopt electronic devices for recording patient data, and a marked readiness to participate in hybrid and remote trials. Further insights into the trend of expanding digitalization as an added solution to improving clinical trial access as well as offset the barrier of clinical trial burden on patients living with multiple chronic conditions are shared.

Direct feedback from patient interviews complements and nuances these findings.


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Last update : 30 June 2021

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