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Easing Site and Patient Burden: How Interoperability and an Integrated Experience Work Together

Date: March 20
Time: 10am EDT (NA) / 2pm GMT (UK) / 3pm CET (EU-Central)
Duration: 60 minutes

Learning objectives:
    Understand and characterize the site’s burden that can be generated by multiple data sources and systems
    Identify ways for coordinating successful systems integration and making user platforms practical and interoperable
    Learn the do’s and don’ts of successful systems integration to positively impact both the users’ experience and the quality of clinical trials data


Technology is becoming increasingly woven into our daily lives, and the world of clinical trials is no exception: penetration of technology in clinical trials settings has been spectacular. As the industry has significantly increased its volume of data sources, vendors and systems, it is essential moving forward to better coordinate and connect technology systems and services to streamline clinical trial execution. As key players of clinical trials, clinical sites remain in need of using multiple technologies but are not necessarily experienced with the multiple systems they must use and express a clear need and desire for simplification. This can increase site and patient burden.

How can system providers better work together to streamline clinical trial operations? How to ensure that systems become sufficiently interoperable to facilitate site and patient journey? Can clinical trial technology be efficient and easy to use?

This webinar from ClinOne and Kayentis, two partnering solution providers, will review key recommendations for successful systems integration, and will show, through insightful examples, the value that simple, interoperable platforms can have on patient- and site-experience when solution providers efficiently work together. It will also bring recommendations on what to do and what to avoid facilitating access, reduce redundancies and optimize data review, to bring more simplicity to clinical trial sites.

Register today to learn how interoperability and integrated platforms can ease clinical site and patient burden.


Chris Barden
Senior Director, Commercial Alliances, Kayentis

Chris Barden, MBA, with a background in biomedical engineering and has worked both in healthcare and life sciences for over 30 years and specifically within the eCOA field for the last 16 years.

He is currently responsible for commercial alliances at Kayentis, looking to set up collaborations and partnerships to better streamline and improve clinical trial technologies. With the goal to improve interoperability and benefit the user experience of patients, sites and sponsors.

Chris is also an active volunteer within the CPATH eCOA consortium in the BYOD working group contributing to guidelines for BYOD adoption within clinical trials.

Brian Ongioni
Vice President, Product and Client Services, ClinOne

Focused on strategy, operations and accessibility, Brian Ongioni leads the Product and Client Service teams at ClinOne. Brian has over 11 years of experience enabling clinical trial technology companies to create innovative solutions that bring trials directly to patients in unique and disruptive ways. He provides the strategic vision, leadership and motivation to cultivate cohesive and collaborative teams, with patients at the core.

As a leader, Brian inspires individual growth, effective team building and galvanizes his colleagues to focus on optimization so that patients are empowered through technology to participate confidently in clinical trials.

Who should attend?

Senior professionals who are involved with or have the title:
    Clinical Operations Study Leads
    Pharma/Biotech Clinical Operations Project or Program Managers
    Pharma/Biotech Clinical Data Managers
    Pharma/Biotech Procurement teams
    CROs Clinical Operations teams
    Pharma or CRO systems/technology/IT specialists

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