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eCOA back-up strategies

No longer the “what if” situation: today’s reality and eCOA back-up strategies.
How to ensure they are adapted?

There have always been, and there will probably continue to be, situations where an eCOA backup strategy is necessary. The reasons that justify implementing a back-up strategy include, among others, device failure or loss, the risk for the device to be forgotten by a patient when travelling, or lack of connectivity.

At the moment, the over-riding reason for a robust back-up strategy is the ongoing pandemic we are living through currently. This has generated the need for eCOA back-up strategies to be implemented very quickly. This has been required to cover situations where either patients were unable to go to sites or sites were unable to maintain on-site visits.

Choosing the right eCOA back-up solution can become a challenging exercise, as there are several aspects to consider; what are the key criteria to properly select an eCOA back-up strategy?

We invited a small, diverse group of experts to discuss the complexity of eCOA back-up strategies and address the clinical teams’ expectations during an online workshop. The workshop discussions and best practice recommendations are reflected in this whitepaper.

This session was hosted by Jean-Michel Combe, Strategic Marketing Director at Kayentis.

We warmly thank all the participants for their active contribution to this session.


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Last update : 4 December 2020

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