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eCOA challenges of long term studies #whitepaper

How to anticipate eCOA complexities in multi-year studies & develop best practice to support sites?

Using eCOA solutions can bring its own set of challenges.
This workshop held by Kayentis in 2020 aimed at discussing the hurdles that arise when using eCOA solutions in long lasting clinical trials, essentially from the sites’ perspective.

What are the main issues encountered on a day-to-day basis? And how can industry stakeholders better understand issues faced by site staff and offer solutions to keep them engaged?

This session was hosted by Louis Chapu, Product Manager at Kayentis.

We warmly thank all the participants for their active contribution to this session.



    Device or software usability is the main issue for sites
    Level of clinical staff training can introduce additional challenges
    What about connectivity issues?
    What about issues with the helpdesk support?
    Other issues may also occur because of the site staff workload


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    Last update : 4 November 2020

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