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eCOA in ophthalmology

There is an extended use of Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) measures in clinical trials used to assess health-related quality of life, symptoms, or perception of health status by the patients participating in clinical research. These measures are increasingly being collected via electronic devices and are, as such, referred to as ePROs.

In ophthalmology trials, the types of ePRO used can be general (SF-36, EQ-5D), vision specific (VFQ-25) or condition specific (glaucoma utility index, Retinopathy Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire). A very wide range of validated questionnaires are available for use in research and selecting the right ePRO in an ophthalmology study is paramount to the success of a clinical trial.

Discover the five keys for successful ePRO selection in your ophthalmology clinical trial:

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Last update : 9 July 2020

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