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eCOA Training: how can we improve the sites’ and patients’ experience? #whitepaper

Focused on eCOA training, this white paper transcribes the discussion from one in a series of 4 workshops about eCOA complexities held by Kayentis in 2020.

Clinical trials and eCOA experts from the pharmaceutical industry shared their experience and suggested best practice during a one-hour session that took place virtually.

This session was hosted by Pascaline Richardot, Kayentis Portfolio Manager.


  • Site Training

How can we develop training opportunities to better support site personnel?

  • Patient Training

Are patients sufficiently supported through the understanding of the purpose of ePRO completion and the value of the data that they provide?

  • Post-COVID Environment

In the new normal of a post-COVID world, virtual interactions have taken over from face-to-face trainings.
How can we efficiently train sites & patients in a manner that keeps the engagement level the same?

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Last update : 13 October 2020

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