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“Get ready for fully remote eCOA in your next DCT trial” webinar

Are you ready for fully remote eCOA in your next DCT trial? Learn how to build a better plan for Data Management and Compliance Monitoring

Learning objectives:
  • Identify new risks or challenges related to DCT trials
    Reduce eCOA data quality risks and simplify reconciliation
    How to use technology to support your eCOA compliance monitoring


Decentralized Clinical Trials offer more flexibility to patients by allowing them to complete some clinical assessments at home, often including the Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs). Technical innovations have given patients the ability to complete PROs from their own phone, computer, or even by interview from trained site team members. However, as our data collection methods expand and change, our data management practices and compliance monitoring plans need to adapt alongside these changes.

Watch the webinar recording and learn how you can build a better data management and compliance monitoring plan for your COAs in your next DCT trial!


Clinical Operations Project Manager @Kayentis

Vrushali Courcier
Data Manager and Analyst @Kayentis

Paula Pérez Marín
Clinical Operations Project Manager @Kayentis

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Last update : 2 September 2022

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