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Inclusion and gender diversity is not a given!

This can only be the result of a balanced and robust Human Resources policy.                                     

The  Kayentis executive committee is around 50% women and 50% men!

At Kayentis, inclusion and gender balance are apparent at all levels in the company. This results from a balanced and efficient human resources policy rather than a specific quota or positive discrimination policy. The company’s growth is built on the competencies, experience, and values of its employees, including both hard and soft skills and irrespective of gender.

As Véronique Deriat, Head of Human Resources at Kayentis, says: ‘Gender diversity is not, and must not be, an objective in and of itself. It can only be the result of a development policy based on non-discrimination, merit, equal rights, respect, and empathy.’ These values are at the core of Kayentis. They are fully supported by the management team, from whom they become endemic throughout the company and embraced by all employees.

What does a society built on such values look like?

The division of labour is no longer a question of gender but one of competencies, of willingness, of the respect of ambitions, limitations, and expectations in terms of each individual’s quality of life, based on the principle of equality between men and women.
It’s an equal gender balance!

Not all eCOA companies are the same!

At Kayentis, diversity supports our growth and long-term value-creation goals. Our objective is to create teams that are closely linked to our clients, balanced, positive, and dynamic, with team members that reflect and understand the client’s needs. In a sector such as clinical studies that is innovative and rigorous, technical expertise is essential but is not everything. We also need to have empathy, team spirit, creativity, and positivity to ensure the success of our projects and to anticipate future needs in this evolving environment.

At Kayentis we believe in cultural diversity at every level of the company. This is a key ingredient for the growth, enthusiasm, and energy throughout the company. Inclusion and gender diversity is a source of competitive advantage, and a key enabler of growth.

Guillaume Juge, Kayentis CEO

Last update : 26 August 2019

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