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Infography to find out how to switch from COA to eCOA

Infography COA to eCOA: in many cases this move from COA to eCOA generates cost cuts for the sponsor as well, by reducing drastically spendings on monitoring, data management, logistics and non-quality impacts; if the instruments chosen bear study endpoints, the increase of data quantity and quality would in itself justify the switch to eCOA.

For a successful switch from paper (COA) to electronic clinical studies (eCOA), consider 7 major aspects early enough. All of them are detailed in the infography below. Click here to know more about this switch.


infography COA to eCOA

Several vendors now propose eICF on top of eCOA on the same device for instance, generating savings for the sponsor while making it very simple for the sites and really informative for the subjects.
Moving forward towards eCOA is undoubtedly beneficial to the quality of the data and the trial, and implementation of eCOA solutions is expected to grow quickly in the next few years. In order to smoothly manage this transition, sponsors should strongly consider early work with translation companies and eCOA vendors to cope with the aforementioned challenges.

If you want to know more about our eCOA solutions and expertise, feel free to contact us. We will be glad to share any information about our experience with you.

Guillaume JUGE, CEO – Kayentis

Last update : 7 July 2016

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