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Kayentis announces a breakthrough feature available in ePRO clinical trials: clinician review of data on a tablet device

It is essential that clinicians review PRO data. When patients complete questionnaires using a tablet, the use of different device or interface for the review step adds complexity for the clinician as well as delaying the review or even resulting in no review being performed. It would be advantageous to clinicians to be able to easily review patients’ data directly on the same device.

How is the review of PRO data handled on a tablet using Kayentis’ solution?

As soon the patient has completed a questionnaire and entered data using an eCOA device, the data are available for review. At next login, clinician will see how many questionnaires have to be reviewed and can either proceed or delay the review. By default, the clinician is shown unreviewed PROs but can also display all PROs.

All questions and answers are displayed in the study site’s preferred language. Clinicians can easily review the questionnaires and confirm that the review is complete. The tablet will alert the clinician if a previous questionnaire has not been reviewed at the time of initiation of the next visit.

By ensuring on-time and complete review of patients’ questionnaires, the eCOA is an advantage not only for clinicians but also for other study stakeholders.

Review completion reported centrally

In Clin’Form, the Kayentis webportal solution, it is possible not only to see patients’ data but also to notify whether the data have been reviewed or not. Once reviewed, the audit trail clearly indicates timestamps, and the reviewer’s user information of the tablet.

In a new version eCOA 1.4 Kayentis introduces an enhanced interface to review patients questionnaires on a tablet. This interface offers a clear overview on the tablet that is efficient for clinicians and is fully compliant, recording a complete audit trail centrally in our Clin’Form application.

For more details of the potential of Kayentis eCOA devices, please click here

Arnaud Michelet, R&D Deputy Director, Head of connected devices – Kayentis


Last update : 18 January 2017

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