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Kayentis gives back to its community by donating to two local associations

Aware of its responsibility towards the environment, Kayentis decided to help financially two health-focused associations in Grenoble and Meylan. 

The Kayentis CSR policy embodies its commitment to environmental responsibility and to giving back to its community. Although Kayentis cannot remove its carbon emissions completely, this commitment demonstrates the attempts made to reduce its carbon footprint.As Kayentis places an emphasis on valuing its community, instead of traditional carbon offsetting – ie, tree planting – it has decided to act locally and help two associations through a financial donation.

The selection of these two associations was made after a few weeks of research and is based on the fact that their core values echo those of Kayentis: they help people with disabilities or facing cancer to do sports and improve their health and mental well-being.

This club, created in 1987, ranks among the top French wheelchair basketball clubs. In 2019, with a 16-2 win-loss record, the MGH won its league and was promoted to the 1st division! In this sport, although all players are in wheelchairs, the basketball hoop remains at the same height! Not only does the club participate in sports competition, it has also been raising awareness of disability since 2008 within different organizations (companies, schools, youth and cultural centers) in order to change attitudes and help everyone understand that a physical disability is not the end of the road but an adaptation to a given problem.


This association aims to enable women facing cancer to perform mountain activities in order to get away from the healthcare environment and find an energy, dynamism and self confidence that are often lost following long periods of treatment or illness.
The goal is to bring together and connect these women around shared projects to discover or rediscover the joy of hiking in the mountains, the desire to surpass oneself while promoting friendliness and solidarity, and to share the feeling of well-being that the wilderness conveys.


Not only does Kayentis provide this financial help, it also aims to organize meetings between its employees and these associations to share experiences and raise awareness.

Jean-Michel Combe, Kayentis head of strategic marketing & CSR manager

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Last update : 8 October 2019

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