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Ophthalmology Clinical Trials

Ophthalmic conditions and vision impairment currently affect 2.2 billion people globally.

  • Data collection can be very challenging for patients with visual impairment, but the patient- and site-centric research approach that we’ve seen growing for several years allows clinical trials to be better adapted to patient needs.
    Measuring patients’ perception of their symptoms and their quality of life using efficient ePRO solutions is essential in ophthalmology clinical research.

Kayentis offers tailored decentralized solutions with qualitative ePROs and extensive experience in ophthalmology to ensure the success of ophthalmology clinical trials by:

  • securing ePRO data collection with adapted electronic devices and multiple data collection modes,
    understanding and integrating patients’ specificities and preferences,
    and anticipating unscheduled visits with strong product capabilities and processes

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Last update : 7 March 2024

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