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Waste Management Report 2018

Kayentis is committed to responsible waste management

After the promotion of environmentally friendly transport – 2018 Sustainable Mobility Report – (e.g. public transport, car-sharing, bicycles), waste management is a key factor in our Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

As an IT service provider, the waste management needs that result from our activity are mainly the following:

  • Paper documentation and end-of-life electronic equipment provided to our clients.
  • Paper documentation and end-of-life electronic equipment used by our employees.
  • Domestic and day-to-day materials used by our sites, mainly at our headquarters in Meylan, France.

The type of waste that we generate doesn’t require any specific handling and so our waste management approach is based on the following two principles:

  • To reduce upstream waste.
  • To recycle waste.

To achieve our objectives, we have implemented both small and large actions including aspects for both the employees and for the company as a whole. Most importantly, we aim to work towards a coherent overall approach and a general improvement in our waste management. But we also aim to develop a collective awareness so that our employees do not forget their own environmental principles when they arrive at the office.

So we have organized our waste management processes around two main objectives:

    To improve the waste management linked to the day-to-day life in the company
    To improve the management of waste linked to company activities

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Last update : 12 March 2019

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