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// White paper // Local storage or Cloud hosting?

11 May 2017

Over the last 25 years the collection of clinical research data has moved from paper-based systems to electronic data capture using various tools (e.g. personal computers, tablet devices, smartphones) and made possible by the internet.

In parallel, in the context of a global reach, pharmaceutical companies have relied increasingly on specialist contractors (e.g. CROs, CMOs, data management platforms) to conduct these activities on their behalf.

The widespread nature of high-speed network connections (e.g. ADSL, bre-optic) has allowed internet-based tools to become commonplace (e.g. Web, electronic mail, IP telephony). Terms such as ‘Web 2.0’ and ‘Cloud Computing’ have increasingly entered day-to-day language. So what is the best solution between cloud hosting and local storage?

By Michel Arnoult, Consultant in Data Collection and Data Management in Clinical Research




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