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Infography: 7 lesser known advantages of eCOA over COA

25 May 2017

Advantages of eCOA: Clinical Outcomes Assessment (COA) data in clinical and epidemiological studies can be collected using traditional paper questionnaires or increasingly using electronic COA (eCOA) tools, including smartphones or tablets and associated applications or a dedicated internet resource. Both allow the collection of data from patients, physicians, third-party observers (often parents), or caregivers with the same exactitude.

As well as the commonalities between COA and eCOA systems, there are several advantages of eCOA…

To download the infography, click here:

Kayentis infography advantages of eCOA

Interested by the differences between eCOA and COA? Please download our white paper regarding the pros and cons between COA and eCOA.


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