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Innovation and Partnerships: The Biotech Perspective

In the ever-evolving landscape of biotechnology, groundbreaking advancements continue to shape the future of healthcare. In this exclusive interview, Estelle Haenel, Chief Medical Officer at Kayentis, engages in a profound dialogue with Adeline Meilhoc, who leads Clinical Development at ACTICOR Biotech. ACTICOR Biotech is widely recognized for its pioneering work in platelets and GPVI, particularly in the context of ischemic stroke treatment, an emergency care.

Adeline offers a unique perspective, sharing valuable insights into the distinctive needs and challenges that small biotech firms like ACTICOR face when conducting clinical trials. From the intricacies of project-specific demands to the shifting dynamics within the industry, Adeline provides in-depth insights into the complexities and critical service requirements of innovative biotechs.

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Last update : 16 January 2024

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