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KAYENTIS announces its participation in the Avoca Diligent Prequalification Platform

Choosing a provider in the clinical trials market is a costly and time-consuming process for sponsors and CROs. To better support our clients in this process, we have decided to participate as an early adopter of the innovative Avoca Diligent Prequalification Platform.

What is the added value of Avoca Diligent Prequalification Platform?

The purpose of this initiative is to increase quality, improve efficiency, reduce risk, and accelerate the selection of a technical service provider by centralizing aspects of prequalification activities. Created to improve quality and reduce cycle time in the prequalification of technical providers, the Diligent Prequalification Platform is an “innovative new model for Provider prequalification using standardized and centralized information to improve upon the prevalent redundant and dysfunctional model” (text from a statement by the Avoca Group).

How are the standards to prequalify providers defined?

Diligent started by engaging an expert Advisory Board from the Avoca Quality Consortium to develop industry standards for the prequalification of technical service providers. These standards were mapped, when possible, to health authority regulations or regulatory guidance. They then underwent a rigorous review by The Avoca Group, The Advisory Board, and companies in the industry that deliver these technical services. Once the Prequalification Industry Standards were finalized, prequalification tools were developed that map back to these standards, including Request for Information (RFI) templates.

Which providers are prequalified?

The Avoca Group invited leading technical service providers to complete core and technical RFI templates, and to centralize them so that they are readily available to sponsors and CROs to speed up the process of prequalifying and selecting new technical providers. KAYENTIS is an early adopter for this transformational initiative. As such, it invites sponsors and CROs to contact The Avoca Group at to request the completed RFIs as needed to accelerate their review and selection of KAYENTIS for their clinical trials.

“The Avoca Group is pleased to welcome Kayentis to Diligent,” said Patricia Leuchten, CEO of The Avoca Group. “Through this collaboration, Kayentis and Avoca will continue to drive innovation, standardization and streamlining to drug development processes.”


Guillaume JUGE, CEO – Kayentis

Last update : 23 September 2016


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