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The benefits & practicalities of aligning the objectives of an eCOA vendor with those of the study

25 July 2019

Any enduring business relationship between a service provider and a client is built on a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, an atmosphere of mutual trust, and ultimately the satisfaction of all stakeholders.
For this to be achieved, contracts and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of Kayentis (a global eCOA provider) are developed in alignment with those of the client for each study. Below, Guillaume Juge (Kayentis CEO) highlights the company’s commitments to meet clients’ objectives:

aligning objectives ecoa vendor

Analyze the client’s needs and ensure the comprehensive understanding of the objectives of the study.

aligning objectives ecoa vendor

Assign a project manager with relevant experience of the therapeutic area and/or of any study-specific needs.

aligning objectives ecoa vendor

Build a sales policy, and especially a pricing policy, that allows the alignment of the objectives of Kayentis with those of the client. For example, the site/patient support, data management, and communication costs are defined up front for each study, meaning that Kayentis bears full responsibility for the efficiency of the underlying service and makes every effort to limit the number of queries. This provides full visibility to the client and helps to align objectives.

aligning objectives ecoa vendor

Define KPIs that are aligned with key study objectives. This includes timelines and compliance (the quantity and quality of data entry) as well as customer satisfaction (the Net Promoter Score is a robust “high level” indicator of customer satisfaction). Kayentis ensures that such KPIs are included in the remuneration policy.

aligning objectives ecoa vendor

Accept that a part of the invoicing should be variable! Alignment is made on the achievement of the study objectives or on other objectives that are considered to be relevant to the remuneration. For eCOA the level of patients’ compliance to eCOA tools (the quantity and quality of data entry) should be taken into account, as well as compliance with key study timelines and/or milestones.

To build long term partnerships with study sponsors and CROs, we are convinced that aligning our objectives with the study objectives is key”.

Guillaume JUGE, CEO – Kayentis

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