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Consolidation in the eCOA industry: How does this impact the quality of service delivery? and the choice of service providers?

25 July 2018

The eCOA industry continues to evolve with yet more consolidation amongst traditional providers. Given the longitudinal nature of many eCOA trials and programs, what impact does this have on the quality of service delivery? What impact does this have on your choice of service providers and how do you, as a Sponsor, ensure that your study gets the attention it needs?

Do you need an alternative eCOA partner that is reliable, stable, scalable, and can deliver on the global stage?


Kayentis is Global

We have accompanied Sponsors and CROs in 150 eCOA trials to date (mostly Phase III) in more than 75 countries.

We have all tools, processes, and services to respond to the challenges encountered during trials with eCOA endpoints. More about our new eCOA solution, Clin’form3 Suite


Kayentis is scalable

Our core belief is that service and teamwork are key to running successful eCOA studies; all our services are provided/controlled from our 2 main sites in Grenoble (France) and Boston (USA).

We continue to grow our team both in Europe and the USA to ensure the highest level of service to study teams and sites. Read more


Our customers tell us Kayentis is reliable

We capture high quality clinical trial data that have successfully supported a great number of labelling claims.

The best indicator is our customer satisfaction. We survey our customers every year and today we enjoy a net promoter score of 85% from our most recent poll in 2018; we will strive all year to ensure we further increase this score in 2019. Read our 2017 customer satisfaction survey (2018 is coming soon!)

Kayentis is stable

While the eCOA industry has been drastically evolving the last 3-5 years, we claim stability!

  • We have strong backing from stable shareholders and we’re not on the block!
  • We have one single platform and ensure great consistency in the trials we run.

Feel free to contact any member of our organization and we will be glad to challenge your legacy vendors any time!

Guillaume JUGE, President and CEO – Kayentis

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