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A step further in improving clinical trials: an electronic informed consent fully integrated into the eCOA solution

23 May 2016
KAYENTIS signs a partnership with eNFORME to combine SecureConsent® eICF solution with Kayentis eCOA’s platform. From now on, Kayentis provides pharmaceutical companies and CROs with a unique device combining the benefits of eICF (electronic informed consent form) and eCOA solutions.

A new capability on one single device for your clinical trials

This new capability is proposed on one single device, making it simpler for the patients, more convenient for the sites, and cost-efficient for the sponsors.
Kayentis has put in place for its eCOA solutions a world-class connectivity capacity, which will benefit to SecureConsent solution.
Should they use it for one or the other service, the sites will also benefit from a 24/7 specifically dedicated helpdesk contact.

More compliance and understanding for the patients with the electronic informed consent form

This is a new step for clinical trials, taking compliance and patient understanding further: information to the patient made easier and clearer will drive compliance enhancements, and no doubt, contribute to higher patient engagement.

Eric Delente eNForme electronic informed consent formEric DELENTE, CEO of eNFORME, Washington
“We are really delighted to have so quickly been able to establish a partnership with Kayentis. This immediately offers numerous efficiencies to SecureConsent® and Kayentis, and more importantly, to our clients and the clinical sites who use our systems.  As we explore deeper integrations and collaborations between our companies, I’m certain that these benefits will expand.”
Guillaume Juge Kayentis electronic informed consent formGuillaume JUGE, CEO of KAYENTIS, France
“We are really excited about this partnership and this new capability. It illustrates our commitment to making the life of subjects and sites easier, driving study costs down, and exploring new ways to enhance patient engagement. Between eNFORME and KAYENTIS, cultural similarities are strong, and I really look forward to further collaboration.” 
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