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Kayentis goes one step further in the integration of electronic Informed Consent to improve patient convenience and sponsor efficiency

30 November 2016

The announcement in May 2016 of the partnership between Kayentis and SecureConsent was just the first step in the integration of eConsent into Kayentis eCOA solutions. Today, Kayentis and SecureConsent® strengthen their strategic alliance to enhance the benefits of this integration.

SecureConsent_logoeConsent benefits already available in Kayentis eCOA solutions

  • Kayentis – a global, innovative provider of eCOA solutions – and SecureConsent® – a leading provider of eICF solutions announced in May 2016 that they have built a Strategic Alliance to optimize the provision of eCOA and eICF for all stakeholders in a clinical study/programme. This alliance enables both solutions to be made available on a single tablet device, allowing the streamlining and acceleration of the setup process as well as the integration of services during study follow-up.

To read: ‘A step further in improving clinical trials: an electronic informed consent fully integrated into the eCOA solution’

  •  Key advantages of SecureConsent® with Kayentis:

* One single tablet device for both solutions.
* The choice of both Samsung and Android makes it very robust and easy to maintain; OS upgrades are controlled.
* Kayentis tablets have worldwide 3G capacity based on an alliance with SFR/Vodafone; this ensures that the SecureConsent online solution works regardless of Wifi availability at study sites.
* Logistics are shared and managed by Kayentis.
* Tier 1 support is managed by Kayentis; teams are already trained.


And more steps are to come to improve patient engagement!

  • Kayentis/SecureConsent®: an “evolving/dynamic” alliance

This strategic alliance is continually developing. The aim is to continue to strengthen eConsent integration to continually improve patient engagement and data quality.

  • eConsent benefits under review for 2017 include:

* SecureConsent® training performed by Kayentis.
* Greater integration – SecureConsent® key information will become available in Clin’Form, allowing data management activities to be performed by the Kayentis team (e.g. reconciliation of subject numbers with the randomization tool).
* Single Sign On for study sites.
* Joint archiving procedures.


eConsent is a significant step forward in clinical trials and is key to the improvement of patient engagement in eCOA solutions as well as being beneficial to all stakeholders:
* Benefits for the Subjects: one single device.
* Benefits for the Sites: simpler setup and handling, a single helpdesk.
* For the Sponsors: accelerated setup, guaranteed connectivity, significant cost savings.

Guillaume JUGE, CEO – Kayentis –  November 30 2016.  

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// Contact us for more information about eICF integration in your eCOA study //


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