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Kayentis launches fully integrated platform for decentralized clinical trials

23 March 2022

Grenoble, France, March 23, 2022 – Kayentis, a global provider of eCOA and Decentralized Clinical Trial solutions, today announces the launch of a fully integrated patient-centric platform that optimizes the management of hybrid and Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT).

This streamlined platform alleviates many logistical hurdles in bringing key elements of the clinical trial to patients’ homes, while vastly improving how patients and sites use DCT technologies.

Stakeholders in remote clinical trials gain seamless access to a wide panel of robust functionalities all within the same platform. These include various modes of data collection, such as BYOD, WebCOA, provisioned devices, and data entry by phone; as well as an easy-to-use telemedicine app. Embedded features that enable active patient engagement are also included, with options to integrate other functions in the future.

“Kayentis’ new streamlined platform features make remote clinical trials much easier for patients, sites, CROs and sponsors to manage; the simplified access to options considerably reduces patient burden,” said Guillaume Juge, CEO at Kayentis. “We have been expanding our DCT services in step with the growing demand for hybrid and decentralized clinical trials. This added capacity enables our operational teams across Europe, the US and Asia to attract wider interest in our digital capabilities.”

The pandemic sped up the timeline in the transition towards Decentralized Clinical Trials with patients more readily embracing remote technologies. For Kayentis, simplifying the access to and streamlining the management of functionalities is key to this digital transformation.

Benefits of Kayentis’ patient-centric platform for DCT

The company considers that its fully integrated platform offers a significant advantage over using a combination of various functionalities sourced from different suppliers. Kayentis has stripped out this complexity, opting to work from the bottom up to ensure that the many functions interconnect smoothly.

    For sponsors, the fully integrated platform enables a single set-up of all functionalities that better facilitate sponsor lead times
    Sites benefit from improved flexibility in using and selectively activating any solution. Overall, the system is easier for a site investigator to manage all the features and maintain control
    Patients will find this fully integrated platform highly practical. They can very easily obtain a web back-up solution if, for example, they leave their device on holiday. Should they choose to conduct a remote visit, they can easily set this up with the site, and run it through the telemedicine option embedded into the same app

These easy-to-use options help improve patient compliance, retention and the quality of data collected, as witnessed by Trishna Bharadia, a health advocate and patient engagement consultant for patient advisory councils and industry bodies:

“During a clinical trial, patients must complete multiple study procedures, so their participation should basically be made as easy as possible. With this in mind, offering them a single digital access point for as many study procedures as possible is, of course, highly attractive.”

Key features

    A single sign-on platform with apps for different DCT services
    A large set of data collection modes: BYOD, webCOA, provisioned devices, or interview mode, with flexibility to seamlessly switch to alternative data entry methods in case of need, and according to the study protocol
    A televisit (video chat) option for patients and site staff
    Kayentis’ Media Player tool for storing training modules, user guides and educational resources (PDF, videos)
    A study Participant Feedback Questionnaire module allows study patients to remotely provide feedback on their clinical trial experience
    Other embedded features as future options

“Kayentis’ platform is applicable in all therapeutic areas, particularly complex protocols, and in all clinical trial models: traditional, virtual or hybrid clinical trials. The value in this new platform lies in its ability to expand the choice of interconnectable options, while standardizing the same enhanced user experience across multiple systems (Web, Google Android, Apple iOS),” said Martial Marcotti, product marketing director at Kayentis.

Download the press release

About Kayentis

Kayentis, a global provider of eCOA (electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment) and decentralized clinical trial solutions, helps pharma, biotechs, sponsors and CROs bring simplicity, efficiency and quality to the collection of clinical trial data from both patients and sites. Since 2003, Kayentis has been active in clinical development, with a strong specialization in eCOA solutions for phases II/III across a broad range of therapeutic areas. Over the years, it has developed a full range of services and is now enlarging its portfolio beyond eCOA solutions to support the post-COVID new normal of decentralized and hybrid trials. The company has conducted digital data collection for over 260 clinical trials in 79 countries (16,000 sites and 90,000 patients), employing 120 languages. It has offices in the US (Boston), France (Grenoble) and Japan (Tokyo), and currently employs 185 staff.

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