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Mobile technologies & wearable devices for Healthcare and Clinical Research

27 November 2017

Mobile technology & wearable devices are becoming increasingly prominent in healthcare and clinical research, but we’re only starting to understand this field. 

Chris Barden at Kayentis has taken part in researching this topic with the PhUSE mHealth working group, a sub team of the Future Forum Interoperability & Technology working group.
From definition of mHealth to perspectives for patients, clinical research, therapy areas, discover the progress of our research group.

Thanks to all the members of the PhUSE mHealth working group: Paul Vervuren, Nutricia Research; Frank Dietvorst, PW Consulting; Chris Barden, Kayentis; Puspita Roy, Nutricia Research; Annemarie Lutz, PW Consulting; Benedikt Egersdoerfer, Bayer; Gary Luck, Accenture.



[tag url=”https://kayentis.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/phuse_edinburgh_2017_poster_mhealth.pdf” event=”Poster wearable devices”]

The working group is continuing its research and more will be presented during the first PhUSE Single Day Event 2018 focused on Mobile technology in Clinical Research.

  • SDE Date: 

Wednesday, 7th February 2018, Hosted by Nutricia Research Centre, Utrecht, Netherlands

  • Event Description:  

The use of mobile technology such as wearables, sensors and smart devices is becoming increasingly prominent in healthcare and clinical research. Clearly, we’re only just starting to understand this field. Challenges may be found in the collection of data from digital devices, the analysis of the data, and the interpretation of the results. Many new opportunities remain to be identified as to how this data can be used to the advantage of patients and consumers in terms of health monitoring, curing disease, relieving symptoms, or improving overall quality of life.

This will be the third Utrecht SDE in succession. We hope to make this event as interactive and attractive as previous editions. The event organisers aim to attract presenters to share and discuss experiences, best practices, ideas and visions for the future of mobile technology in clinical research.

  • SDE Chairs:  

If you are interested in presenting, please contact the SDE Chairs with a brief abstract by Friday, 8th December.

Contact the SDE Chairs with your presentation abstract:
Jules van der Zalm, OCS Consulting
Paul Vervuren, Nutricia Research

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