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WebCOA back-up
The best balance for data quality, ease-of-use, and cost for your clinical studies!

1 July 2021

7 reasons to choose a web-based back-up solution for your eCOA studies


WebCOA is a back-up solution, which is a golden rule for your eCOA study

As well as avoiding data loss, a web-based solution is reassuring to clinical sites
Digital solutions for clinical outcomes assessments are now widespread and in common use, but it is important to reassure clinical staff that the data for which they are responsible will be collected even if the original solution fails. In this eventuality, eg, due to a broken or lost tablet device or if the battery runs out, webCOA provides patients with direct web-based access for recording their data.

Opting for 100% digital data collection is the best practice
Mixing digital and paper collection methods is unreliable and can bias clinical study results.
Paper collection methods lead to both reduced data quality (eg, due to manual data transcription errors) and increased workload (eg, data compilation), compared to digital solutions, which have been demonstrated to be preferable regarding data quality, timeliness, and accuracy, and are now recommended by the FDA.

 WebCOA provides a unique solution that is suitable for all patient populations and study types

WebCOA can be adapted to fit any study, irrespective of the study population, location, or therapeutic area. WebCOA can be used by site staff, patients, and observers. There is no need for specific training, with the interface being the same as on the device itself.

WebCOA brings simplicity

For the sponsor, webCOA back-up does not require any extra set-up time.
For users, webCOA is simple and intuitive, making use of a display that is comparable to the portable devices.

WebCOA offers real-time access

The webCOA back-up solution is operational immediately. None of the issues associated with paper solutions (eg, the necessity to print and manually archive data) or with the use of spare devices (eg, ensuring that they are up-to-date, charged, and available on-site) are applicable to webCOA back-up.

WebCOA allows cost efficiencies

None of the logistical costs generated by paper back-up solutions apply to webCoA implementation, nor those associated with the purchase of spare devices. Additionally, licensing costs are reduced compared to those when multiple modes of data collection are used.

WebCOA is the only suitable back-up solution for eDiary

In studies with e-Diaries completed at home, the use of webCOA means that there is no delay while the patient is waiting for a device to be delivered, during which time the patient would either have to return to the study site or use a paper-based system. For these studies, therefore, webCOA is the most robust and appropriate back-up solution available.

WebCOA is the only back-up solution for which usage can be controlled

With webCOA, the back-up solution can be controlled and limited to the relevant data. The questionnaire(s) to be completed via webCOA during site visits or the length of time for which webCOA is available for eDiaries is chosen and controlled by site staff. Additionally, there is the possibility to check and monitor metrics.


WebCOA is not perfect, it has some limitations including the necessity for the user to have access to a computer or device and the need for connectivity, which could be problematic in certain countries or populations.
However, by allowing data capture to be kept electronic and by being user-friendly and accessible everywhere, as well as remaining controllable by site staff and not causing delays to the study start, webCOA remains the most robust eCOA back-up option for digital studies.

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