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Tackling the specificities of NASH/MASH clinical trials

Integrating PROs into studies on MASH, also known as NASH, is crucial. 
MASH is a debilitating chronic illness that significantly impairs patients’ quality of life, affecting their daily routines, work, and mobility.

  • Patient-centric appraisals are needed in the quest for treatments
    Integrating PROs in MASH studies expands insights beyond MASH metrics, and helps understand MASH patients’ concerns

At Kayentis, we have the full capability to run your MASH studies successfully:

  • We have extensive experience in MASH and hepatic disorders research
  • We offer an enhanced patient-centric eCOA data entry
  • We are a key partner to biotech and big pharma companies

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Last update : 26 March 2024

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