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// White paper // Digital Technology and Patients Tools in Clinical Trials – Part 1

16 October 2017

Digital technology today has become an important tool in facilitating access to and engagement with the subjects participating in clinical trials. This technology is enabling the direct collection in real-time of patient data. This includes their symptoms (be it pain, vital signs, etc), overall mental state, the effects of the disease or condition on their day to day functioning (e.g. mobility, day to day functioning of life) and how well or not they are processing.

Therefore, the adoption and use of ePRO (electronic Patient Reported Outcomes)/eCOA (electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments) devices as well as wearable devices such as glucometers, vital sign sensors and the Ava bracelet (plus other technologies) are facilitating:

  • Improvements in data quality & in data gaps
  • Improvements in patient protocol compliance
  • Greater study power requiring fewer enrolled patients

And ultimately, the improved monitoring of lifestyle evaluation/well-being of patients both in clinical trials and beyond this into medical practice.
These advances are enabling patient access, improved follow-up in patient care & doctor/patient relationships and is intended in the long-term to facilitate the reimbursement of drugs with a ‘proven therapeutic value’.


So how do companies go about adopting this technology?

Who & how to identify Technology Providers?

Which evaluation criteria should be determined?…



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Anna Matranga, PhD, MBA;
CA-AM, AMC Alliances & Consulting SASU,october 2017

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