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Do we have the right understanding of how patients perceive digital clinical trials?

Interview with Trishna Bharadia, Health Advocate & Patient Engagement Advisor on the 1,133 patients survey results conducted by Kayentis in 2020

As the COVID19 pandemic significantly impacted clinical trial continuity and catalysed their digitalization, we conducted a study to explore patients’ readiness for remote clinical trials.
  • An 11-question study investigating the experiences of and expectations from clinical trials of people living with multiple chronic conditions.
    Study conducted between November 2020 and January 2021.
    1,133 people living with health conditions, including from several patients’ associations, across North America and Europe, volunteered their time to respond anonymously to this survey.

In this white paper, Estelle Haenel, Kayentis Medical Director and Basile Trimbur, Kayentis Medical Assistant, interview Trishna Bharadia to get her feedback regarding the results of the study

Last update : 28 October 2021

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