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DCT and health disparities: Insights from a patient advocate

Basile Trimbur, Medical and Scientific Officer at Kayentis, interviews Trishna Bharadia, Health Advocate & Patient Engagement Advisor, on decentralized clinical trials and their impact on health disparities.

Some of the topics covered in this interview are:

    Can the gap between the number of patients reaching trials and the study recruitment needs be partially explained by trust issues between patients and the healthcare system? Can DCT help fix this situation? And how?
    How would Trishna advise the industry so that we ensure that DCT do not increase the burden and become counter-productive?
    Are DCTs a solution to reduce health disparities?

Listen to the full interview:

Trishna Bharadia
Health Advocate & Patient Engagement Advisor

Basile Trimbur
Medical & Scientific Officer

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Last update : 26 December 2022

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