Find your path, choose your future

At Kayentis, our daily objective is to improve the quality of clinical studies. We provide many opportunities for advancement and encourage our employees to explore several career paths. This helps them to not only discover new interests, but also to find their place in our company. We want to make sure that our employees find the job that’s right for them. Join a team that’s always up to a challenge and making a difference.


Discover what drives us

Since Kayentis’ beginnings, our values have developed over time into what we consider our core values today: ADAPTABILITY – PEOPLE – INITIATIVE



    People are what drives us! The opinions of everyone at Kayentis are important, and making sure that everyone feels comfortable is priority.


    We allow a large degree of autonomy for our employees and encourage team and inter-team collaboration. We encourage initiative and creativity.


    Always trying to be better than before, we help our employees to find the position that fits them best and reach their full potential with our wide range of activities.


    Training upon arrival and changing departments is no problem at Kayentis. We recognize that our employees finding their place in a supportive, welcoming atmosphere is central to our success.

Job opportunities

As an innovative and rapidly growing company, Kayentis is always looking for new talent. Join a dynamic and international team to share experiences and develop new skills.


  • Incident Manager – Grenoble, France

  • VIE – Clinical Support Analyst – Boston, USA

  • Clinical Project Manager senior ‘Set Up’ – Grenoble, France

  • Programmer – Grenoble, France

  • VIE – Clinical project management assistant – Tokyo, Japan

  • VIE – Clinical project management assistant – Boston, USA

  • Clinical Data Manager – Grenoble, France

  • Android Software Developer – Grenoble, France

  • Clinical Project Manager – Boston, USA

  • Clinical Data Manager ‘Set Up’ – Boston, USA



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Employee testimonials

We are honored to have established trusting partnerships

“Our score on the client fidelity indicator (NET Promoter Score) is a testament to the high quality of our relations with our clients, and that is something we are very proud of. Our team is client-oriented and great customer relations is something all of us strive for at Kayentis. We are honored to have established trusting partnerships with several well-established players in the eCOA industry.”

Jean-Michel Combe, Head of Strategic Marketing and CSR Manager

I was offered the chance to participate in a VIE experience

“After I got my MBA in project management, innovation and technology, I was hired as an Assistant Health Project Manager at Kayentis. During my interview, I was offered the chance to participate in a VIE experience in their new Boston offices as a Clinical Project Manager. Now, after a long visa process with a lot of help from the team at Kayentis, I’ve just arrived in Boston, where I’ll be working for the next 18 months !”

Audrey Saccard, Clinical Project Manager, VIE

I enjoy coming to work!

“I enjoy coming to work! At Kayentis in every situation of our day to day work, we always take time to laugh and this really contributes to a nice atmosphere.”

Feno RAKOTONDRAINIBE, Maintenance and industrialization Engineer

Challenging yourself is an everyday task

“Kayentis embraces innovation. Challenging yourself is an everyday task; we are constantly moving forward in a dynamic and ever-changing environment. To work at Kayentis, you have to have it in you!”

Véronique DERIAT, Head of Human Resources